Desco Design cufflinks have been conceived and designed by Carlo Odescalchi, with the intent to create an exceptional object with an original, classical character and timeless feel. A thrilling and complicated challenge outlined by the purpose to preserve the singularity and the essence of the stones, which have been meticulously chosen.
A rhythmical empathy inspires the Desco Design cufflinks that have been created from the imperfections of nature and man made precision. It is a sensory dialogue between rules and the exceptions to the rule; through which the designer is able to release his vision. These designs are not about perfection, but rather, about shedding light onto the poetic aspect of the object and its imperfections. The Desco Design cufflinks represent an exception to the rule.


The quality of the primary ingredients is what makes a product. Desco Design follows this rule and offers the purest materials that are chosen to make the high quality cufflinks. While searching for materials worldwide, we try to understand the potential of the stone; from the moment it appears as a little more than a dirty rock. Gem Fair at Tucson Arizona, Hong Kong markets and mines around the four continents are the corners of the world we explore; it is a harsh and fascinating reality that allows us to get hold of the best quality stones and the virtue of our cufflinks. Cutting through a raw stone is a meticulous affair. The material is dissected into slabs, which are manually drawn to follow the nature of the stone, its tones, transparencies, colours and veins. At the end of the final process, only a small part of the initial material has been preserved. The production continues with the creation of the silver pillar, connected through a hole and welded by a 4.5 mm sphere. The design of the pillar was conceived to meet two basic requirements: simplifying the lacing and making the twins fasten easily. Therefore liberating, through its minimal design, the natural energy of the stones and their infinite colors and shades. No chains and no bezels to imprison the stones, only the beauty of nature, with its rules and its exceptional imperfections.